Best Toys For Blind Babies

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Here are a few ideas that might help.

  • Talk to your baby as you walk toward her room. ...
  • Continue to be loving and affectionate, even if she doesn't respond the way you'd expect.
  • Touch your baby before you pick her up. ...
  • Show your baby things that you're going to use on her body before you use them. ...
  • Get creative.
  • Besides, whats a good gift for a blind person?

    Last Minute Gift Ideas For The Blind and Visually Impaired

    • Braille Greeting Cards. ...
    • Custom Braille Ornaments. ...
    • “Beep” Balls. ...
    • Adaptive Coloring Books. ...
    • Braille Board Games. ...
    • Try the World. ...
    • Talking Color Identifier. ...
    • Braille Accessories.

    At the same time, what devices help the blind? Assistive technology: items designed specifically to help people with vision loss or other disabilities, including everything from screen readers for blind individuals or screen magnifiers for low-vision computer users, video magnifiers and other devices for reading and writing with low vision, to braille watches and ...

    Still further, why would a child be born blind?

    There are many causes of blindness in children. Blindness may be due to genetic mutations, birth defects, premature birth, nutritional deficiencies, infections, injuries, and other causes. Severe retinopathy of prematurity (ROP), cataracts, Vitamin A deficiency and refractive error are also causes.

    Do Blind Babies crawl?

    It says that blind babies should be crawling by 4 to 6 months, but it's probably more accurate to look at the “Creeps forward on hands and knees 3 feet or more” at 9 months. That said, the Reach Out and Teach book by Kay Alicyn Ferrell does point out that “Many visually handicapped children do not crawl.

    BESTSELLER NO. 1 in 2023

    Skip Hop Bandana Buddies Baby Activity and Teething Toy with Multi-Sensory Rattle and Textures, Elephant

    Skip Hop Bandana Buddies Baby Activity and Teething Toy with Multi-Sensory Rattle and Textures, Elephant
    • Skip Hop Zoo plush characters featuring a textured surface bandana teething toy
    • A soft baby toy and teether filled with textures, patterns and sounds Little hands stay active as baby explores rattles, crinkles and more.
    • Bandana Buddies are the perfect infant toy for multi-sensory play, this cute companion is ideal for fun at home or-on-the-go.
    • This colorful character's soft bandana teether detaches for mom to wear around her wrist for quick access.
    • PVC-free, Phthalate-free
    BESTSELLER NO. 2 in 2023

    Munchkin Mozart Magic Cube

    Munchkin Mozart Magic Cube
    • Educational toy teaches how sounds combine to create 8 Mozart masterpieces
    • Includes harp, flute, French horn, piano, and violin instrument sounds
    • Orchestra button plays all instruments at once
    • Lights flash to the tempo of the instruments
    • Recommended for budding young composers of all ages
    • Made with soft, rounded corners, it's easy and safe for baby to hold
    • Requires 3 AA batteries (trial batteries included, best with Polaroid AA batteries)
    BESTSELLER NO. 3 in 2023

    Educational Insights Teachable Touchables Texture Squares, Sensory Toys, Preschool Toys

    Educational Insights Teachable Touchables Texture Squares, Sensory Toys, Preschool Toys
    • Scratchy, slippery, silky, or soft? Young learners build tactile awareness and vocabulary skills as they interact with these 20 texture squares (10 different pairs) in a variety of "hands-on" activities. Textures include bumpy, furry, fuzzy, nubby, and more
    • Young learners build tactile awareness and vocabulary skills as they interact with 20 textured squares in a variety of hands-on activities
    • Each textured pillow measures 2"–3", perfect for small hands. Stores in a handy drawstring bag
    • Features 20 pillows and patches (10 different pairs) and activity guide that covers matching, descriptors, communication, and tactile discrimination
    • Makes a great activity for kids to stay engaged, entertained, and learning outside of the classroom. We are dedicated in providing resources that keep your kids learning and having fun while at home
    BESTSELLER NO. 4 in 2023

    VTech Baby Rattle and Sing Puppy,Multicolor

    VTech Baby Rattle and Sing Puppy,Multicolor
    • Shake the easy-to-grasp rattle and sing puppy to hear the colorful beads rattle
    • Rattling The puppy also causes the puppy's cheeks to light up and introduces the concept of cause and effect
    • The music button plays fun phrases, sounds and songs; features 20+ songs, melodies, sounds and phrases
    • Colorful, crinkly ears provide visual and tactile stimulation; two textured rings rattle and turn to build motor skills
    • Requires 3 LR44 batteries (batteries included for demo purposes only; new batteries recommended for regular use); intended for ages 3 months to 2 years
    BESTSELLER NO. 5 in 2023

    VTech Sort and Discover Activity Cube, Red

    VTech Sort and Discover Activity Cube, Red
    • The sort and discover activity cube features five sides of fun activities; features 75+ songs, sounds, melodies and phrases
    • Your little one will love exploring seven fun activities and two electronic panels that introduce colors, numbers, animals and more; 5 piano keys introduce numbers, colors and music
    • Turn the book page, twist the spinner and slide the animals to develop fine motor skills; book page plays two nursery rhymes; spinner lights up and introduces animals and objects
    • The activity cube also develops hand-eye coordination with the shape sorter and colorful shape blocks; includes 4 colorful shape blocks
    • Requires 2 AA batteries (batteries included for demo purposes only, new batteries recommended for regular use
    BESTSELLER NO. 6 in 2023

    LAMAZE, Octotunes, Musical Octopus Stuffed Baby Toy to Support Early Child Development, Infants and Older

    LAMAZE, Octotunes, Musical Octopus Stuffed Baby Toy to Support Early Child Development, Infants and Older
    • MUSICAL OCTOPUS: Make merry music together with this classic toy designed for helping babies big or small learn through playing with color and sound
    • SEE, TOUCH AND LEARN: Bright patterns and a big friendly smile help your little one's visual development; Interesting textures support learning through touch and feel
    • DISCOVER A TUNE: Squeezing each tentacle plays a unique musical note, encouraging older babies to explore and learn to make simple songs (how-to guide included).Only Adult/parents can press the legs for sound, not the baby.
    • BABY LOVED, SCIENCE PROVEN: Designed with child development experts to help baby with problem solving and develop visual, auditory, tactile and fine motor skills
    • RIGHT TOY, RIGHT TIME: It's the idea that's driven us for over 20 years to understand and design toys to support bonding and development at every stage
    • Note:
    BESTSELLER NO. 7 in 2023

    Excellerations - TM Touch and Match Sensory 11 x 4 inches Board for Kids, Educational Toy, Kids Toys

    Excellerations - TM Touch and Match Sensory 11 x 4 inches Board for Kids, Educational Toy, Kids Toys
    • SET INCLUDES: 10 different textured cylinders, 1 board with 10 different textures for matching cylinders.
    • HOW TO USE: Children discovered textures on cylinders and match to the appropriate texture on the wooden board.
    • EDUCATIONAL: Children will discover textures and improve matching and association skills.
    • TACTILE: Tactile sensory toy is perfect for children to develop sensory perception through a fun game.
    • PROBLEM SOLVING SKILLS: This interactive toy will help promote problem solving skills in young learners as they work to match the different textures included in this toy
    BESTSELLER NO. 8 in 2023

    Band Wrist Bells Foot Rattles Ankle Bells Ring Toy Bracelet Pack of 6

    Band Wrist Bells Foot Rattles Ankle Bells Ring Toy Bracelet Pack of 6
    • Material: Nylon and metal. Adjustable nylon Velcro fastener
    • There are 4 bells on the wrist bells, kids would like this kind nusical toy for shaking them with beautiful sound
    • Bell size: 2.2 x 2.5 cm,Strap size: 20 x 2.5 cm,Adjustable
    • Color:red,green,yellow,blue,pink(send by random)
    • Fun for baby to touch and hold encourage baby to touch and explore
    BESTSELLER NO. 9 in 2023

    DK Braille: Shapes

    DK Braille: Shapes
    BESTSELLER NO. 10 in 2023

    Fisher-Price My First Fidget Cube

    Fisher-Price My First Fidget Cube
    • ​6 sides of play, each with a unique activity!
    • ​Sized just right for baby to grasp & explore
    • A variety of activities, textures, colors & sounds excite baby's senses​

    14 More Questions Answered

    How do you teach a blind child to walk?

    At first, he will just follow hesitantly along a sofa or hold onto someone's hand. Calling him from a short distance away will encourage him to move toward you. Another idea is to place the child's feet on your feet as you hold his hands (with the child facing away from you).

    What should you not say to a blind person?

    Things You Should Not Say to a Blind Person:
    • You don't look blind. ...
    • Are you deaf too? ...
    • Is there a cure? ...
    • I can't imagine your life. ...
    • I'm surprised you have a real job. ...
    • It is over there. ...
    • You're inspiring. ...
    • Inquisitive about their condition.

    What can a blind person do for fun?

    What Do Blind People Do For Fun?
    • Go to the movies. Nowadays, many popular movies have audio described versions available for blind and visually impaired audiences. ...
    • Attend a concert. Concerts are a fun activity for just about anyone! ...
    • Get pampered. ...
    • Go for a walk. ...
    • Play sports. ...
    • Go to the mall. ...
    • Cook a meal together. ...
    • Play a game.

    Why do blind eyes turn white?

    Corneal scarring form burns or other trauma can make the whole of the cornea go white from scarring. All the other causes of blindness I can think of at the moment leave the blind person looking normal.

    What do blind people see?

    While only 18 percent of people with significant visual impairments are actually totally blind, most can at least perceive light. In other words, although we cannot see colors, shapes or people, we can still tell the difference between light and dark.

    Are there special phones for the blind?

    This post reviews five popular cell phones for people who are blind or visually impaired. Two of these are basic cell phones: the Lucia and Jitterbug Flip. The remaining three are smartphones: the Google Pixel and the iPhone.

    Do blind people dream?

    People who were born blind have no understanding of how to see in their waking lives, so they can't see in their dreams. But most blind people lose their sight later in life and can dream visually. Danish research in 2014 found that as time passes, a blind person is less likely to dream in pictures.

    Can birth blindness be cured?

    While 80% of visual impairment can be prevented or cured, there remains 20% of cases for which there is currently no way of curing. A range of conditions exists where those who develop them are faced with a gradual loss of vision until their impairment is so severe that they are effectively blind.

    Can blindness be cured?

    While there is no cure for blindness and macular degeneration, scientists have accelerated the process to find a cure by visualizing the inner workings of the eye and its diseases at the cellular level.

    Is being blind like closing your eyes?

    Blindness is not being in the dark Sighted people tend to think that closing their eyes can offer a glimpse into what blind people see. That, however, is far from reality. There are different types of sight loss because of the various causes of blindness.

    Do blind babies smile?

    From the 4th week of life, blind babies smile in response to the sound of their mother's or father's voices (Fraiberg, 1971, 1975, 1977; Freedman, 1964). The smile of blind infants has apparent similarities with the smile of sighted infants, but some differences can be detected concerning its development.

    How can you tell if a baby is born blind?

    Early signs and symptoms of vision impairment
    • eyes move quickly from side to side (nystagmus), jerk or wander randomly.
    • eyes don't follow your face or an object, or he doesn't seem to make eye contact with family and friends.
    • eyes don't react to bright light being turned on in the room.

    How does blindness affect learning?

    The presence of a visual impairment can potentially impact the normal sequence of learning in social, motor, language and cognitive developmental areas. Reduced vision often results in a low motivation to explore the environment, initiate social interaction, and manipulate objects.

    How do you play with a blind child?

    Below are some ideas which may help your young child to enjoy practicing activities such as these without fear:
  • Provide an open area with nothing in the way.
  • Call him and have him come toward you.
  • Watch him and tell him whenever he is near an obstacle.
  • Put up a rope that he may follow with one hand.