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When brazing copper the best choice is always sil-phos. Only use silver braze on the brass and steel joints. This compound is very expensive so it is not commonly used when sil-phos can be used.

Briefly, can you silver solder AC lines?

Never use solder with lead in an HVAC application. You could get away with it in drain lines, cold water fittings, and cold water lines that won't experience large changes in pressure or temperature, but generally, you'll want to use one that contains anywhere between 15 and 30 percent silver, known as a soft solder.

In no way, what is the best flux for silver soldering? Batterns and Handy Flux are the top choices. Boric acid and water is also used. Batterns Self-Pickling Flux is used for hard soldering (solder that melts at a high temperature) of gold, silver, and platinum. It can be diluted with distilled water if it is too thick.

Additional, what percentage of silver is in silver solder?


Can you solder HVAC lines?

Soldering is a viable method of joining ACR tubing and components while servicing and installing refrigeration systems. However, not all types of solders can be used satisfactorily. Tin/lead and tin/antimony alloys are not normally recommended for our systems. They do not offer the required strength and ductility.

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Supplying Demand 15% Silver Solder Brazing Rods 4 19.5" Sticks Perfect For HVAC Refrigeration

Supplying Demand 15% Silver Solder Brazing Rods 4 19.5
  • Includes 4 19.5" brazing rods
  • 0.050 in. x 1/8 in
  • Rod shape is flat. Solidus temp is 1190 and the Liquidus temp is 1475
  • Silver 15% Copper 80% Phosphorous 5%
  • Compatible With Major Brands
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LUCAS MILHAUPT SIL-FOS 15% Part #95177 Silver Solder 7 Sticks

LUCAS MILHAUPT SIL-FOS 15% Part #95177 Silver Solder 7 Sticks
  • 21. 2 x 4. 3 x 4. 3 inches
  • 7 sticks
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  • Stay Brite Lead-free Solder
  • 1/8" Wire Diameter
  • 8oz Spool
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Harris Solder Kit SB861 & SCPF4 - Stay-Brite #8 Silver Bearing Solder with Flux

Harris Solder Kit SB861 & SCPF4 - Stay-Brite #8 Silver Bearing Solder with Flux
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Harris 61035 Stay-Silv 15 Silver Brazing Alloy 28 Stick

Harris 61035 Stay-Silv 15 Silver Brazing Alloy 28 Stick
  • 28 Stick Tube, Harris Safety Silva 15
  • 15% Silver Solder Brazing Alloy
  • Each Stick Measures . 050" X 1/8" X 19 3/4" Long
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Harris Safety-Silv 56% 1/16 Silver Solder Brazing Alloy 1 Troy Ounce, 75310 5631

Harris Safety-Silv 56% 1/16 Silver Solder Brazing Alloy 1 Troy Ounce, 75310 5631
  • 1 Troy Once (31 g), 1/16" Thick
  • 56% Silver, 22% Copper
  • 17% Zinc, 5% Tin
  • Cadmium free
  • Material Type: silver, copper, zinc, tin
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Stay-brite 8 1/8" 1#10009 (348-SB861) Category: Solder Alloys and Fluxes

Stay-brite 8 1/8
  • Country Of Origin: United States
  • Model Number: SB861
  • Item Package Dimension: 2.399999997552" L x 2.399999997552" W x 2.249999997705" H
  • Item Package Weight: 1.0 lb
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STA-BRITE SBSK Silver Solder 3/64 1/2 oz STAR2000 by Stay-Brite

STA-BRITE SBSK Silver Solder 3/64 1/2 oz STAR2000 by Stay-Brite
  • Made by Stay-Brite; Stay-Brite is a United States based company; parts are sourced from Global producers
  • Stay-Brite part number R2000; UPC 684032004665
  • This item works with: 3racing Sakura; Arrma 1:10 ADX-10 2WD Buggy, 1:10 Fury Short Course, 1:10 Granite Monster Truck, 1:10 Mojave Desert Truck, 1:10 Raider 2WD Buggy, 1:10 Vorteks Stadium Truck, 1:8 Kraton, 1:8 Raider XL, 1:8 Senton, 1:8 Talion, 1:8 Typhon; Associated Apex Mini, Apex Touring V-Type, B44.x, Mini MGT 3.0 RTR, MTA4, Monster GT, Monster GT 4.6, ProLite 4x4, Qualifier Mini APEX Touring, Qualifier Mini Rival, RC-10 B4.x, RC-10 B5 and B5M, RC-10 original aluminum chassi
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SÃœA 15% Silver Brazing Joint Solder Ring for 3/8" O.D. Tubes - (25-PACK)

SÃœA 15% Silver Brazing Joint Solder Ring for 3/8
  • Braze copper tubing with ease and obtain consistent, leak-free, and tight sealings. SÜA 15% Brazing Rings are designed with a calculated alloy volume for use with standard size copper tube from 1/4 inch to 1-1/8 inch.
  • SÜA 15% Brazing rings have the same chemical composition and comply with the same AWS A5.8, BCuP-5 standards used for brazing copper tubular components for HVAC/R installation applications. The preformed ring presentation minimizes waste and is easy to use repeatedly.
  • SÜA Silver Phos-Copper 15% is a copper rich, filler metal that is self-fluxing on copper by virtue of its phosphorus content. The self-fluxing property of this filler metals is effective on copper only. With copper-base alloys, such as brass or bronze, the joints should be fluxed.
  • Available Ring Diameters: 1/4", 3/8”, 1/2", 5/8”, 3/4", 7/8”, 1-1/8”(Carefully check table with rings sizes and specifications) – Available Package quantities: 10-Pack and 25-Pack – Select your option from the size menu. ***Images are for reference only: size and quantity of rings will change based on the selction made on the Size Menu***
  • Check Product description for a guide to brazing with SÜA 15% Brazing Rings.
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Forney 38060 Solder LF Solid 1/8", 4 oz.,Silver

Forney 38060 Solder LF Solid 1/8
  • Strong yet durable construction
  • Designed for soldering potable water pipe joints
  • Great for applications that require strength

9 More Questions Answered

What is the best brazing rod?

Best brazing rods - Buying Guide
  • Blue Demon BDTP-125-01T Triple Play Low Temp Aluminum-Zinc Brazing Rod 1/8" x 18" 1 Lb Tube,
  • Hobart 770206 Brazing Rod, 1/8-Inch by 18-Inch, Quantity-7, Aluminum.
  • Bernzomatic NS3 Nickel-Silver Flux Coated Brazing/Welding Rods, 2-Piece.
  • Blue Demon ER4043 X 1/8" X 36" X 1LB Tube general purpose aluminum TIG welding rod.

Can you use silver solder on copper?

A simple way of soldering together a piece of copper and a piece of silver is to use a technique called sweat soldering. ... Now, with a small amount of easy silver solder coated in flux and placed at the very end of some fine tweezers, you can begin to heat it with your hand torch.

Is Mapp gas hot enough to braze?

Genuine MAPP gas can be used in combination with oxygen for heating, soldering, brazing and even welding because of its high flame temperature of 2925 °C (5300 °F) in oxygen. The hydrogen infuses into the molten steel and renders the welds brittle.

How strong is a silver solder joint?

The bulk tensile strength of silver braze alloys is 40,000-70,000 psi. When brazing copper-based alloys, failure will occur in the copper or brass.

Can I use borax as flux?

Flux. A mixture of borax and ammonium chloride is used as a flux when welding iron and steel. It lowers the melting point of the unwanted iron oxide (scale), allowing it to run off. ... Borax is often used as a flux for forge welding.

How do you make silver flux?

  • Make a silver soldering flux using just borax and salt if you lack potash. This flux works fine.
  • Measure 1 tbsp. of borax with a measuring spoon. ...
  • Add 1 tsp. ...
  • Mix the dry ingredients with just enough water to form a paste.
  • Increase the amounts of this recipe if you desire, but always use 1 tbsp.
  • What is the difference between easy medium and hard silver solder?

    The solder metal is of a lower melting temperature than the two pieces it's fusing. ... Hard solder melts at a high temperature, medium melts at a lower temperature, easy melts at an even lower temperature. Multiple solder joints in a piece of jewelry require multiple types of solder.

    Does silver solder go bad?

    The metal itself can also oxidize but it is so slow it is unlikely to matter and also depends on the type of metals used. ... Solder does not expire, Flux oxidizes and reduces the fluxes ability to keep oxides\oxygen away from the metal. If you doing production runs you need to watch the shelf life of the solder\flux.

    What metals can you silver solder?

    Silver Solder can be used to join most common metals, including Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Copper, Brass, Cast Iron and Dissimilar Metals.