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The Calcium K (CaK) spectral emission line occurs at the violet end of the visible solar spectrum with the somewhat short wavelength of 393.4 nm. It indicates strong magnetic activity in the chromosphere and is associated with the chromospheric network.

At any event, what is H alpha filter?

An H-alpha filter is an optical filter designed to transmit a narrow bandwidth of light generally centred on the H-alpha wavelength. ... This combination will pass only a narrow (<0.1 nm) range of wavelengths of light centred on the H-alpha emission line.

In every case, how do you make an H alpha filter?

There has also, what is a Ha filter?

By using a Ha filter in your DSLR, it is possible to increase the contrast between objects in the h-alpha emission line and the skyglow background. The filter completely suppresses the emission lines of artificial lighting such as mercury (Hg) and sodium (Na).

What filters do I need for astrophotography?

The most common line filters for astrophotography include:

  • Hydrogen Alpha (656nm). ...
  • Hydrogen Beta (486nm). ...
  • Oxygen (OIII - 496nm and 501nm). ...
  • Sulfur (SII - 672nm).

BESTSELLER NO. 1 in 2021

Astromania 1.25" Narrowband H-Alpha Night Sky Filter

Astromania 1.25
  • A filter with incredible light pollution cut off characteristics.
  • The new H-Alpha passfilter enables high-contrast deep sky images of H-II regions.
  • The H-Alpha filter shares the same outstanding features as all the other Astromania imaging filters.
  • Unmatched optical quality, and high efficiency hardened multicoatings result in the sharpest and highest contrast images possible.
  • The filter is used as an extreme anti light-pollution filter, and for contrast-enhancement of emission nebulae and other astronomical objects bright in the infrared.
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SVBONY Telescope Filter H-Alpha 7nm 1.25 inches Filter Narrowband Astronomical Photographic CCD Filter for Deep Sky

SVBONY Telescope Filter H-Alpha 7nm 1.25 inches Filter Narrowband Astronomical Photographic CCD Filter for Deep Sky
  • Optical high precision double sided polishing to ensure that the parallelism is higher than 30 inch and high flatness 1/4λ; to ensure that does not affect the image quality
  • Precision double sided optical coating;non two piece glue;effectively improve the transmittance and cut off depth
  • Ion source assisted coating technology (IAD), to improve the density of the film to ensure that the filter wavelength to minimize the impact of temperature caused by the temperature drift
  • High uniformity planetary wheel coating fixture to improve the uniformity of the filter wavelength
  • Optical equipment professional fine sandblasting and anode treatment;the box to do extinction treatment to prevent reflection
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Astromania 2" Narrowband NBPF Hydrogen-a 12nm Filter - Enhances The Contrast Between Object and Sky - Allows You to Take Images Even Under Urban Skies

Astromania 2
  • Astrophotography under a light-polluted night sky can be difficult. The solution is an H-alpha filter. The Astromania H-alpha cut-off filter works to filter out a large part of this light pollution.
  • Allowing 12nm bandwidth of light centered on a wavelength of 656nm to pass through, 90% transmission at H-alpha line 656nm - whether under dark skies or under the sky glow of a city. That means the filter also blocks the infamous stray light and light from mercury and sodium vapour lamps.
  • Young stars embedded in the bright red of a nebula - an H-alpha filter is the expert if you want to capture hydrogen nebulae in all their glory.
  • The Astromania H-aplha cut-off filter enhances the contrast between object and sky, allowing you to take good quality images even under urban skies.
  • Metal filter cell threads directly into the 2-inch barrel of your telescope eyepiece. Mounted in a nicely anodized housing.
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Clearsource Replacement Filter Twin Pack with 0.2 Micron Filtration

Clearsource Replacement Filter Twin Pack with 0.2 Micron Filtration
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EP1080 Air Purifier Replacement Filter, True HEPA High-Efficiency Filter Eliminate Smoke, Dust, Pollen, Dander Air Purifiers for Home, Bedroom, Living Room, Kitchen and Office

EP1080 Air Purifier Replacement Filter, True HEPA High-Efficiency Filter Eliminate Smoke, Dust, Pollen, Dander Air Purifiers for Home, Bedroom, Living Room, Kitchen and Office
  • 100% No Ozone: The UV Light and Anion that other Brands adopt to purify air could produce a kind of air pollutant-Ozone, which is especially harmful for the children and Asthma sufferers. Our air purifier never use these for 100% Ozone free.
  • Efficiency Filtration System: Our HEPA Air Purifier features an efficient filtration system, powerful enough to captures up dust, pollen, smoke, odor, pet dander. It can filter particles as small as 0.3 microns and air pollution of PM 2.5, eliminate 99.97% tiny objects in an indoor environment of 215sq.ft (20m³).
  • Easy Replacement Filter: The filter is easy to be replaced and disposed without any tool required, ensuring you to replace your old filter in minutes.
  • Guide: The replacement filter should be replaced every 3-6 months depending on the air quality in your area and use of the Air Purifier to ensure the best results.
  • IMPORTANT: Highly recommended to use genuine replacement parts to maintain product performance. Please remove the plastic packaging of the new filters before placing them into air purifier.
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COLZER EPI-328 Air Purifier Replacement Filter, HEPA Filter With Composite Filter

COLZER EPI-328 Air Purifier Replacement Filter, HEPA Filter With Composite Filter
  • ✔️【100% matching for models】 - COLZER EPI-328 true HEPA air purifier (This filter only supports COLZER EPI-328 air purifier, and does not support any other types of air purifiers, otherwise the size will be wrong).
  • ✔️【Easy to replace】 - The filter uses a composite filter, which has higher filtration efficiency and better purification capacity than a combined filter. remove the old filter before starting the purifier, then replace the new filter, and then reset to continue the purifier.
  • ✔️【HEPA filter】 - The ultra-thick pleat design greatly increases the contact area between the filter and the contaminant, which not only improves the purification speed, but also makes the dust holding capacity larger and the service life longer.
  • ✔️【Material】 - The use of a scientifically formulated special activated carbon can further purify the air and have a good effect on the freshness of the air. Compared with ordinary activated carbon, the adsorption effect is better and the use time is longer.
  • ✔️【Note】 - To ensure good sealing and reduce the effects of filtration, the product is sealed after packaging. Before replacing, remove the filter plastic bag and then replace the filter. In addition, the filter life must be reset after replacing the filter (see product description for specific operation). It is recommended to replace the filter every 3 to 6 months.
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8"x8" Solar Filter Sheet for Telescopes, Binoculars and Cameras

  • Silver - Black polymer is the most common filtering material for observing sunspots and granulation, through telescopes and binoculars.
  • These sheets are a quality product of Thousand Oaks Optical, Arizona, a manufacturer of safe solar filters for over 30 years. "Stronger than Mylar with the filtering properties protected within the substrate. Guaranteed five years."
  • Make a filter on your own for any telescope / binoculars / camera, and for a fraction of what factory made filters cost.
  • The sun will appear in a natural orange color when viewed through your telescope using this filter.
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Hathaspace Certified Replacement Filters for HSP001 Smart True HEPA Air Purifier, 1 Set (Medical Grade HEPA)

Hathaspace Certified Replacement Filters for HSP001 Smart True HEPA Air Purifier, 1 Set (Medical Grade HEPA)
  • CERTIFIED BY HATHASPACE: Manufactured under the strictest quality standards by Hathaspace for the Smart True HEPA Air Purifier HSP001. For your safety, choose only certified Hathaspace replacement filters for your Hathaspace air purifiers.
  • MEDICAL GRADE HEPA: True H13 Medical Grade HEPA is superior to standard HEPA filters, eliminating the smallest airborne particles down to 0.1 microns. H13 HEPA is considered medical grade air filtration, the filters alone are not a medical device.
  • 4 FILTER STAGES: Medical Grade H13 True HEPA, Antibacterial, Cold Catalyst, & Activated Carbon filter stages captures over 99% of dust, pollen, allergens, smoke, odors, bacteria, pet hair, and toxic particles down to 0.1 microns.
  • IMPROVED CARBON FILTER: Our cellular-activated carbon filter features more carbon than other carbon filters on the market. Designed for greater surface area absorption, our unique honey-comb carbon filter is able to absorb more odors, gases, and smoke and last much longer.
  • LIFETIME SUPPORT: The Hathaspace team is always available to assist you and provide the best customer service experience. Any problems with your filters, just let us know and we will replace them free of charge. For the cleanest air year-round, we recommend replacing your filters every 4 months.
BESTSELLER NO. 9 in 2021

HIMOX H06 Air Purifier Replacement Filter, 3-in-1 Pre-Filter, True HEPA Filter, High-Efficiency Activated Carbon Filter (Filter, 1-Pack)

HIMOX H06 Air Purifier Replacement Filter, 3-in-1 Pre-Filter, True HEPA Filter, High-Efficiency Activated Carbon Filter (Filter, 1-Pack)
  • 🌼【Upgraded Replaceable Filter】H13 Ture HEPA filter works with ultra-fine Pre-filter and activated carbon filter, trapping 99. 97% of fine particles and allergens as small as 0. 1 microns and large pollutants such as dust, pet dander, smoke, mold, pollen, keeping healthy and enjoying pure air for your family.
  • 🌼【Simple Replacement】Just rotate it, then remove the plastic bag of the new filter and replace the old black one, new air will come again.
  • 🌼【Easy to Store】The replaceable filter for H-06 air purifier, more portable and save more space.
  • 🌼【High Quality】Note: Please remove the plastic bag of filter. The filter need to be replaced 4-8 months according to the air quality.
  • 🌼【1 Year Warranty】Every air purifier filter comes with 1 year warranty, if you have any questions, please contact us immediately.
BESTSELLER NO. 10 in 2021

SVBONY Telescope Filter CLS EOS-C Clip-on Filter Compatible for Canon Broadband City Light Reduction Filter for CCD Cameras DSLR

SVBONY Telescope Filter CLS EOS-C Clip-on Filter Compatible for Canon Broadband City Light Reduction Filter for CCD Cameras DSLR
  • Electron beam gun evaporation with Ion-assisted deposition coating technology for durability and resistance to scratching;as well as stability on CWL (central wavelength) no deviation affected by temperature change
  • Planetary rotation system offers precision and homogeneity of coatings ensuring high value on transmission of pass-band and Optical density of off band
  • 90% transmission of main nebula emission lines;such as Ha 656nm;OIII 496nm&500nm;SII672nm and H-beta 486nm
  • 0.1% transmission of off-band;specifically the major emission lines of artificial light pollution;such as Na 589nm;Hg 435nm and 578nm
  • Urban optical filter can effectively suppress urban harmful light and improve the contrast of shooting target

14 More Questions Answered

How do hydrogen alpha filters work?

Hydrogen-Alpha Solar Filters Unlike white light filters, hydrogen-alpha (H-alpha) filters work by transmitting only one specific wavelength of light. This wavelength is a deep red color of light emitted by hydrogen atoms, which make up the bulk of the sun (and the rest of the universe, for that matter).

Can you see solar flares with a telescope?

To see flares and prominences, you need a much more specialized filter which only passes hydrogen alpha light. These can be used in front of refractors, but most observers prefer a dedicated solar telescope like the Coronado PST (Personal Solar Telescope). ... Small flares and prominences are visible nearly every day.

What is the wavelength of hydrogen alpha?

656.3 nm

Why wouldn't we see the features of the chromosphere in a simple visible light image of the sun?

These particular colors of sunlight come not from the Sun's photosphere, but from the next highest layer, called the "chromosphere." We normally can't see the chromosphere in white light pictures, because it is so much fainter than the photosphere that the photosphere "washes it out." It's like trying to see a candle ...

Do I need a filter for astrophotography?

Astrophotography filters are necessary for capturing the astral objects in the sky. If you try to capture the night sky without using filters, you will see a very muddy and grainy image. ... These filters include broadband, narrowband and line filters, all with different purposes.

What is a light pollution filter?

A quality light pollution filter will allow the important colors and light emitted by your astrophotography subject to reach the camera sensor, without the nasty brown glow of a washed-out sky. The design of the filter includes layers that block specific bandpass lines of the visible spectrum.

What is an astro modified camera?

A full-spectrum modified camera (when the internal filter is replaced with clear glass) is suitable for astronomical imaging, infrared photography, and regular daylight photography with the addition of various removable filters to attenuate the camera's spectral response.

Should I use a UV filter for astrophotography?

UV filters for night photography are an absolute no no. You can almost be 100% assured that some ghosting, flaring or artifacts will be introduced into the image when shooting in low light. Don't use a UV filter at night, and just as importantly make sure you lenses are clean.

What filter should I use for night photography?

1: Hoya Starscape Light Pollution Cut Filter The filter has the further advantage of a low profile and is compatible with both wide- and super wide-angle lenses, reassures the manufacturer, which makes them ideal for shooting landscapes and astrological photography at night.

How does astrophotography reduce light pollution?

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What is H beta line of Balmer series?

OverviewTransition of n3→24→2
NameH-α / Ba-αH-β / Ba-β
Wavelength (nm, air)656.279486.135
Energy difference (eV)1.892.55