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iFifo is an invaluable tool for fly in/fly out workers, or anyone on a roster, to plan their R&R, events and annual leave at the touch of a button. This app displays your time at work and time at home graphically on an iPhone calendar.

In spite of everything, what is the best roster app?

About Work Shift Calendar

  • Shift Work Schedule.
  • Personal Work Shift Schedule & Calendar.
  • Shift Calendar.
  • My Shift Planner - Personal Shift Work Calendar.
  • Shift Work Calendar.
  • Shift Schedule.
  • FireSync Shift Calendar.
  • Today Shift - No.1 Shift Calendar.

Hence, what's the best shift worker app? Best Shift Worker Apps For Android And iPhone

  • Work Shift Calendar. ...
  • Shift Work Calendar. ...
  • Shift Work Schedule. ...
  • Shift Work Days. ...
  • Supershift. ...
  • My Shift Planner. ...
  • MyDuty – Nurse Calendar. ...
  • My Shift Work.

Still and all, how do I create a shift calendar?

Do you get paid for week off FIFO?

Casual employment (hourly rates), you only get paid for the hours you work. For example if you were on a 2/1 Roster, you would be paid for the two weeks on site but not the week spent at home on R&R. Keep in mind FIFO positions always pay a lot more which means you would still most likely come out on top.

BESTSELLER NO. 1 in 2021

FIFO App Work Roster

FIFO App Work Roster
  • Quick and easy to compare Fly-in Fly-out work roster swings.
  • No more counting through a calendar week by week or day by day
  • Add as many rosters in as you wish and select just the ones you want to compare.

7 More Questions Answered

What is a FIFO roster?

FIFO stands for Fly In Fly Out and DIDO stands for Drive in Drive Out. This means that workers are brought to site for the length of their work roster where they are provided with accommodation, recreation facilities, meals, etc.

How do you make a good roster?

9 Tips for Creating a Staff Roster That is Good for Business
  • Plan the roster before adding individual names. ...
  • Share schedule options with the entire staff. ...
  • Fill busy shifts with the most experienced and skilled staff. ...
  • Automatically handle availability and time-off requests online.
  • What is the best free scheduling app?

    Best appointment scheduling app for customization
    • Acuity Scheduling (Android, iOS, Web)
    • Acuity Scheduling is the appointment scheduling app to choose when you need to customize your booking process to a fine degree. ...
    • Appointlet (Web)
    • Setmore (Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, Web)

    What does rostering mean?

    1a : a roll or list of personnel. b : such a list giving the order in which a duty is to be performed a duty roster. c : the persons listed on a roster.

    What is the best schedule app?

    • Google Calendar (Android, iOS, Web)
    • Microsoft Outlook Calendar (Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, Web)
    • (Android, iOS, Web)
    • Apple Calendar (iOS, macOS, Web)
    • Fantastical 2 (iOS, macOS)
    • Woven (Android, iOS, macOS, Web, Windows)

    How do 4 on 4 off shifts work?

    4-on 4 off is a continuous shift pattern that gives 24/7 coverage 365 days of the year. The example below is based on 4 teams of employees working 12 hour day and night shifts, plus their rest days off in blocks of 4: 4 consecutive days on. 4 consecutive days off.

    Is there an app for scheduling employees?

    WorkTime is a simple-to-use work scheduling app, which provides schedule alerts to remind users when shifts are coming up. Users can add end times to shifts, unlimited tasks and the hours worked alongside wages with WorkTime's Hours Calculator feature.