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You can say - Wow, it's beautiful, or, I love your style, or, what great detail, or, it gives me a good feeling, or, I like the warm colors, etc.. If you feel you must say something, look for something in the painting that you can mention in a positive way. The greatest compliment is to buy the painting.

Apart from, how do you appreciate art in words?

Words for Art

  • absorbing.
  • abstract.
  • acclaimed.
  • accomplished.
  • adroit.
  • aesthetic.
  • aesthetically pleasing.
  • aggressive.
  • Still, how do you compliment children's art? Give specific feedback. Comments such as “Good job!” or “What a beautiful picture!” are generic and say nothing about the specific artwork or the child's efforts. While many of us mean it to bolster the child's self-esteem and make them feel good about their creation, this can have the reverse effect.

    Never mind, how would you describe good art?

    Use words such as lustrous, shadowy, radiant, glossy, and saturated when describing colors. These words articulate the depth of the color. The average person will see your artwork in a different light if you describe it using words that connect your artwork to the smell and feeling of everyday objects.

    How do you praise a piece of art?

    try these compliments:

  • I've never seen anything like it.
  • Your work reminds me a little bit of _________________ (name a famous artist – but NOT Thomas Kincaid.)
  • You are really hitting your stride.
  • My friend/co-worker should really see this.
  • I recognized it as your work immediately.
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    14 More Questions Answered

    How do you praise art?

    Lovely Comments on the Art Exhibition
  • Brilliant! Very Much enjoyed the show. Hope you take it to other places for more people to see. ...
  • What wonderful creativity – a joy to view! Too hard to select a favourite!
  • “Found it difficult to leave the building once I saw this amazing art. Amazing, interesting and joyful. Thank you”
  • This “Art” is fantastic!
  • What is a fancy word for art?

    Some common synonyms of art are artifice, craft, cunning, and skill.

    What are some art words?

    Visual Arts Vocabulary Word List
    • abstract. acrylic paint. airbrush. animation. architecture. ...
    • bas-relief. batik. blending. bridge. brightness. ...
    • calligraphy. canvas. cartoon. carve. casting. ...
    • decorate. decorative. decoupage. depict. design. ...
    • easel. egg tempera. enamel. encaustic. engraving. ...
    • film. form. frame. fresco.
    • gallery. gesso. gilding. glass. ...
    • hammer. hatching. high-relief. hue.

    How do I talk about my own art?

    Focus Beyond the Visually Apparent When you are talking about your work, you don't want to simply point out what is right in front of their eyes. Try to add something to the experience by offering them something they can't get from simply looking. Give them a behind-the-scenes look at what brought this art to life.

    How do you praise a child in 100 ways?

    100 Ways to Praise Your Child
  • That's Incredible!
  • How Extraordinary!
  • You're Very Talented!
  • Outstanding Performance!
  • Far Out!
  • Great!
  • Very Brave!
  • Marvelous!
  • How do you praise a child words?

    20 Ways to Praise Your Child with Words
  • I love watching you build with legos.
  • I love hearing you tell stories.
  • Wow! That tower is really high!
  • I love you.
  • I'm so proud of you. You worked so hard.
  • You're so focused.
  • You're working hard.
  • I am so impressed by your work.
  • What to say to praise a child?

    Try these 10 mindful phrases to effectively praise your kids
    • Instead of: “Good job!" ...
    • Instead of: “You did it!" ...
    • Instead of: “You look so handsome/pretty!" ...
    • Instead of: “That's a great drawing!" ...
    • Instead of: “Way to go, buddy!" ...
    • Instead of: “Smart girl!" ...
    • Instead of: “That was nice of you!"

    What are the most beautiful words?

    The 30 Most Beautiful Words in the English Language
  • Sibilance. “Sibilance” refers to the distinctive hiss-like sound made by the letter S, or comparable sounds like a soft C. ...
  • Tranquility. ...
  • Loquacious. ...
  • Lagniappe. ...
  • Epiphany. ...
  • Plethora. ...
  • Vellichor. ...
  • Aurora.
  • What are some descriptive words?

    These are some other descriptive words you might find fun:
    • Beautiful.
    • Ugly.
    • Smart.
    • Clever.
    • Gorgeous.
    • Friendly.
    • Happy.
    • Sad.

    How do you write an art description?

    There are several different options for labeling your work in this setting, though each should let visitors know:
  • The artist's name.
  • The title of the work.
  • The medium of the work.
  • The size of the work.
  • The price of the work (if applicable)
  • What are some praise words?

    • 1 acclamation, plaudit, applause, approbation, compliment.
    • 2 encomium, eulogy, panegyric.
    • 5 laud, applaud, eulogize.
    • 6 glorify, exalt, honor.

    How do you compliment?

    How to Give Sincere Compliments
  • Link your compliment to something you genuinely feel. ...
  • Then, think about why you appreciate that quality. ...
  • Be authentic and specific, not hyperbolic. ...
  • Done right, even seemingly superficial compliments can make someone's day. ...
  • Compliment your favorite traits in your romantic partner.
  • What makes a good compliment?

    Be Genuine Above all else, a truly effective compliment is a genuine one. Only praise someone if you think they actually deserve it. People can tell when you are being genuine, and they appreciate it. Conversely, there are few things more agitating than to receive a dishonest compliment.

    How do you compliment creativity?

    Complimenting Intelligence, Creativity, and Resourcefulness
  • You're a smart cookie.
  • Your perspective is refreshing.
  • Your ability to recall random factoids at just the right times is impressive.
  • When you say, "I meant to do that," I totally believe you.
  • You have the best ideas.