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Good boating knives are a must-have utility tool with tons of practical uses for boaters, sailors, and anglers alike. ... Whether you are a saltwater or freshwater boater, our combination smooth-edged and serrated blades allow you to apply the pressure needed at the point of contact regardless of the cutting angle.

More than that, what is the best knife ever?

The Best 25 Knives Ever Made

  • Marble's Ideal. It's difficult to imagine a more classic-looking hunting knife than this one. ...
  • Russell Canadian Belt Knife. This fixed-blade knife does it all—gut, skin, cape, you name it. ...
  • The D.E. Henry Bowie. ...
  • Ka-Bar Marine Corps Fighting Knife. ...
  • The Leuku. ...
  • Leatherman Wave+ ...
  • Emerson CQC-7BW. ...
  • Busse Battle Mistress.

In one way or another, what is the coolest knife in the world? Here's the list, in no particular order.

  • Victorinox Classic SD Swiss Army Knife. We're starting off the list with one of the most iconic knives around the world. ...
  • Case Trapper. ...
  • Kershaw Leek. ...
  • Old Timer 8OT Senior Stockman. ...
  • Chris Reeve Knives Sebenza. ...
  • Buck Model 110 Folding Hunter. ...
  • Spyderco Endura 4. ...
  • KA-BAR USMC Utility.
  • Together with, what is the highest quality pocket knife?

    The Best Pocket Knife

    • Our pick. CRKT Drifter. The best knife for everyday carry. ...
    • Runner-up. Blue Ridge Knives ESEE Zancudo. A little larger and more heavy-duty. ...
    • Budget pick. Sanrenmu 710. Solid quality, very inexpensive. ...
    • Upgrade pick. Benchmade Mini Griptilian 556. A luxury knife. ...
    • Also great. Buck Knives 55. For a traditional style.

    What is a shackle key?

    The shackle key is used by inserting the end of the shackle pin into the slot and sliding it along until it grips, before turning to loosen or tighten the shackle pin. ... These shackle keys would make an ideal gift for any sailor, even if it is a gift to yourself.

    BESTSELLER NO. 1 in 2021

    Morakniv Companion Fixed Blade Outdoor Knife with Sandvik Stainless Steel Blade, 4.1-Inch, Orange (M-11824)

    Morakniv Companion Fixed Blade Outdoor Knife with Sandvik Stainless Steel Blade, 4.1-Inch, Orange (M-11824)
    • Versatile fixed-blade outdoor knife with a 4.1-inch hardened Sandvik 12C27 stainless steel blade is ideal for carving, food prep, and cutting tinder
    • High-quality Swedish steel is razor sharp and exceptionally tough; stainless steel blade stays sharp longer than carbon steel, and is less prone to rust
    • Patterned, high-friction grip sits comfortably in the hand, for greater control, safety, and performance, especially in wet and cold conditions
    • Blade length: 4.1 inches (104 mm), blade thickness: 0.1 inch (2.5 mm), overall length: 8.6 inches (218 mm), weight w/ sheath: 4.1 oz. (116 g)
    • Includes a color-matching plastic sheath with belt clip; manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranty; made in Sweden
    • Included components: Knife and sheath
    BESTSELLER NO. 2 in 2021

    Morakniv Floating Fixed-Blade Stainless Steel Knife, 3.7-Inch

    Morakniv Floating Fixed-Blade Stainless Steel Knife, 3.7-Inch
    • 3.7-inch fixed-blade floating knife, with serrated stainless steel blade and blunt tip, for boating, fishing and marine applications
    • Cork overlayed polymer handle offers floatation and grip, while high-visibility orange color makes it easy to locate the knife if lost in the water
    • Serrated blade is designed for cutting rope, fibers, nylon, and other materials; rounded blade tip and finger guard prevents injury
    • Blade thickness: 0.078 inches, blade length: 3.7 inches, total length: 9.25 inches, net weight: 2.7 ounces
    • Includes hard plastic quick-connect Combo-Sheath for attaching a second knife and sheat; made in Sweden
    BESTSELLER NO. 3 in 2021

    Gear Aid Akua Blunt Tip Resuce Knife with Serrated Blade and Sheath, Nav Green, 3" blade

    Gear Aid Akua Blunt Tip Resuce Knife with Serrated Blade and Sheath, Nav Green, 3
    • Titanium-coated 3” blade is armed with a line/cord cutter and straight and serrated edge to cut rope, fishing line, and food
    • The stainless-steel and blunt tip blade won’t pierce inflatables; use it as a screwdriver or to pry open shellfish
    • Its sheath mounts virtually anywhere with the removable belt clip, lash tab mount, and MOLLE compatible 1 webbing mount
    • Easily access the fixed blade knife with the quick release sheath, simply press the thumb tab and pull
    • Lightweight, full-tang knife weighs only 5. 6 oz. and includes bottle opener and glass breaker at the opposite end
    BESTSELLER NO. 4 in 2021

    Camillus 6.5" Carbo Titanium Folding Marlin Spike, G10 Handle, VG10 Steel Blade (18670)

    Camillus 6.5
    • DIMENSIONS: The full length is 6.5-inch, Sheepsfoot blade length 2.5-inch
    • DURABLE: The marlin spike handle is comprised of durable G10. The is material made of multiple layers of fiberglass soaked in resin, than highly compressed and baked. Making the blade surface stable under harsh conditions.
    • SECURE: The 2.75" Sheepsfoot blade is made of VG10 steel and locks into place with a robust liner lock. The blade can be easily opened using dual thumbstud for left or right handed use.
    • MARLIN SPIKE: The Marlin spike is extremely robust and rigid can be use for untying and untangling knots. When opened it locks into place and is released using the shackle.
    • Blade Treatment: VG10 Steel is bonded with Carbonitride Titanium that resists rust and corrosion and is up to 10x harder than untreated steel so the blade stays sharper, longer.
    • Sport type: Hunting
    • Carbonitride Titanium Non-Stick Blade
    • VG10 Japanese Steel
    • G10 Handle
    • Modified Drop Point Blade
    • Rigging blade with Liner Lock
    BESTSELLER NO. 5 in 2021

    Gerber Bear Grylls Folding Sheath Knife, Serrated Edge [31-000752]

    Gerber Bear Grylls Folding Sheath Knife, Serrated Edge [31-000752]
    • ½ Serrated High Carbon Stainless Steel Drop Point Blade
    • Ideal for edge retention and cutting rope
    • Dual-Sided Thumbstud - For easy single-hand opening
    • Ergonomic Textured Rubber Grip - Maximizes comfort and reduces slippage
    • Nylon sheath - Lightweight, military-grade, mildew resistant sheath allows for horizontal or vertical carry
    BESTSELLER NO. 6 in 2021

    Customized Sailing Gift Your Boat Name Nautical Captain Personalized Laser Engraved Survival Knife

    Customized Sailing Gift Your Boat Name Nautical Captain Personalized Laser Engraved Survival Knife
    • A thoughtful gift with your unique message. Makes a great birthday gift or Father's Day Gift.
    • A handsome laser engraved rosewood handle and durable bead blasted stainless steel create a lasting design that can handle any job you tackle. Because every piece of wood is unique, the final engraved product may be slightly lighter or darker than pictured.
    • Strong 3" stainless steel blade with partially serrated edge. Closed length is 5", open length is 8-1/4".
    • This custom gift is made to your exact specifications. All personalized gifts ship within 2 business days or sooner. Engraving color may vary slightly, as each piece of wood is unique.
    • Includes a practical nylon pouch with belt loop so your knife will always be at your side.
    BESTSELLER NO. 7 in 2021

    Brocraft Lund Sport Track Knife and Plier Holder Rig Rack/Lund Boat Knife plier Holder

    Brocraft Lund Sport Track Knife and Plier Holder Rig Rack/Lund Boat Knife plier Holder
    • Safe and convenient storage for fishing tools
    • Works for Lund, tracker, and any other boats with a 45 degree track system
    • Quickly move the base along the track
    • Easy to install / reposition / remove
    • product long 17-1/2 in
    BESTSELLER NO. 8 in 2021

    Innovative Floating Stainless Steel Folding Rescue Knife

    Innovative Floating Stainless Steel Folding Rescue Knife
    BESTSELLER NO. 9 in 2021

    KastKing Fillet Knife 9 Inch, Professional Level Knives for Filleting Fish, Boning Meat And Processing Any Food.

    KastKing Fillet Knife 9 Inch, Professional Level Knives for Filleting Fish, Boning Meat And Processing Any Food.
    • Razor Sharp Stainless Blades – All new KastKing knives utilize premium, razor sharp G4116 German Stainless-Steel blades with a beautiful black finish. KastKing knives will maintain their edge longer in both fresh and saltwater applications and make the job of cutting baits, filleting fish of all sizes, steaking large game fish and trim or remove meat and fish from the bone easier than ever before.
    • The Right Knife For The Job - The 6”, 7” & 9” stainless curved blades have the perfect flexibility so the knife will follow natural contours for perfect fillets, is also an awesome ideal for thinner or more delicate cuts of meat such as fish or chicken. All These KastKing professional level knives will provide years of service and will quickly become your favorite tool for filleting fish, boning meet and processing any food.
    • Non-Slip Super Polymer Grip - We use the most comfortable and slip-resistant, super polymer grips for your safety and comfort. These handles feel great in your hand and ensure that you always have a solid grip on your knife. These handles also clean up easily and stay looking good longer.
    • Includes Protective Knife Sheath – Each knife includes a light-weight and durable sheath to protect the blade and keep you safe in between jobs. The unique design of the sheath will lock the handle in for safety but removes easily when needed. The open slots in the sheath are design to allow water to drain easily so that your knives stay dry and sharp.
    • Affordable Innovation – KastKing fishing knives are available in the most requested lengths and shapes so that you’ll always have the right tool for the job.
    BESTSELLER NO. 10 in 2021

    Myerchin Sailors Tool Linerlock Blue

    Myerchin Sailors Tool Linerlock Blue
    • Crafted from the highest quality materials
    • Built for performance and durability
    • Made in China

    12 More Questions Answered

    What is a marlin spike knife?

    Marlin Spike with Lock This folding knife comes equipped with a rigid Marlin Spike that can be locked into place. This tool is used to help loosen knots. In addition it can be used for unlaying rope and untying knots.

    What knives does Gordon Ramsey use?

    Gordon Ramsay uses both Wüsthof and Henckels branded knives; his list of essential knives are; Chef's knife for chopping. Paring knife for peeling cutting small vegetables and fruit. Boning knife with a somewhat flexible blade to cut around meat and bone.

    What knives do the Navy SEALs use?

    The Ontario MK 3 Navy Knife is standard issue for the United States Navy SEALs.

    Are expensive knives worth it?

    While expensive knives might stay sharp longer and feel more nicely balanced in your hand, the real key to having a sharp knife is to sharpen it when needed. ... We were surprised at just how well it performed against some of our most expensive knives—at least until it quickly lost its edge.

    Why the butterfly knife is illegal?

    The Balisong knife is considered a potential weapon because of its threatening nature and quick deployment and therefore has been made illegal in several countries. Balisong knife trainers feature a special unsharpened, blunt blade and are legal in areas where balisongs are sometimes outlawed.

    What are the top 10 knife brands?

    Making The Cut: 15 Best Pocket Knife Brands
    • Benchmade Knife Company. Our Pick: Benchmade Griptilian. ...
    • Boker Manufactory. Our Pick: Boker Anti-Grav Knife. ...
    • Buck Knives. Our Pick: Buck Knives 110 Hunting Knife. ...
    • Cold Steel Knife & Tool Company. Our Pick: Cold Steel Spartan. ...
    • Columbia River Knife & Tool Company. Our Pick: CRKT Homefront. ...
    • DPx Gear. ...
    • Emerson Knives. ...
    • Kershaw Knives.

    What is the best survival knife ever made?

    Here are the best survival knives:
    • Best overall: Esee 5.
    • Best on a budget: Morakniv Kansbol.
    • Best large size: Becker BK9.
    • Best all-purpose: Buck 119 Special.
    • Best high-end: Benchmade 162 Bushcrafter.

    What pocket knife holds the best edge?

    A strong and durable high-quality drop-point pocket knife, the Benchmade Griptilian has a razor-sharp, solid plain-edge 3.45-inch blade which is made from tough American-made stainless steel, and the blade has well-rounded characteristics, a good edge retention and width, and a high corrosion resistance.

    Are spring assisted pocket knives illegal?

    In most states – including New South Wales, Victoria, Northern Territory, and South Australia – it is illegal to carry a weapon, even for self-defense. This includes knives, which states consider dangerous articles or prohibited weapons.

    Is Damascus steel strong?

    High quality Damascus steel is not the strongest metal you can get. For most projects and uses, though, it's plenty strong and durable. ... Carbon Damascus is softer to work with but once hardened, it's harder than stainless.

    What is a shackle clip?

    SHACKLE CLIP It snaps through a loop for attachment to a PFD, spray skirt, harness, buoyancy equipment or carabineer.

    What is a rigging knife used for?

    A rigging knife is a specially designed knife used to cut heavy rope. It may have a serrated edge for sawing through line, or a heavy blade suitable for hitting with a mallet to drive the knife through. Folding tools, often in combination with a marlinspike and shackle key, are convenient and portable.